Episode 13: Interview with Dr. Julie Troum

In today’s podcast, we interviewed Dr. Julie Troum, the author of The Motivated Musician blog. She does educational consulting, student seminars, and teacher workshops. Her research addresses the motivational issues musicians face during training activities with respect to the individual needs, well-being, and personal satisfaction of the training musician.

Additional information from Dr. Troum about the topics discussed in the interview may be found on her blog.

Read Dr. Troum’s dissertation “Empowered for Practice: The Relationship Among Perceived Autonomy Support, Competence, and Task Persistence of Undergraduate Applied Music Students“

Research referenced in Dr. Troum’s interview includes:

  • Andrea Creech and Susan Hallam (2003). Parent–teacher–pupil interactions in instrumental music tuition: a literature review. British Journal of Music Education, 20, pp 29-44.
  • Bonneville-Roussy, A., Lavigne, G. L., & Vallerand, R. J. (2011). When passion leads to excellence: the case of musicians. Psychology of Music, 39, 123-138.

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