Episode 12: Interview with Sandy Lundberg

In this podcast we interview Sandy Lundberg, a private piano teacher from Berthoud, CO and regular contributor to The Music Teacher’s Helper blog. We discuss motivating students and ways that parents can influence their children when playing music. http://sutbpodcats.podomatic.com/enclosure/2015-07-22T07_39_07-07_00.mp3 Following the interview, Sandy emailed a few additional thoughts:

I started using older students to tutor the younger ones in theory because it made the old ones keep studying their theory (motivation!). They had their own little group of students they were responsible for. It gave them a leadership role and a purpose.

I also have a world map on my wall that we used last year for earning prizes. Students moved their “luggage tag” miles on the map according to what goals they accomplished during the week. All students had to start at Denver International Airport. If they made it from Denver to New York they earned a certificate; on from New York to Paris they earned a ribbon; on from Paris to Beijing they earned a trophy; and if they earned enough miles to make it from Beijing back around to Los Angeles they got a gift card.

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